Are you a small business owner?  Maybe a large corporation?  Do you have a cool new product or service your offering?  Either way, if you have landed on this page, then chance are you are looking to be a part of the Mayhem.

I would LOVE opportunity to work with anyone and their business - Large or Small.  Additionally, there are advertising spots available on Madaline: The Magnificent Mayhem Maker.  If you would like to discuss availability and options, please contact me at  I am also open to doing product reviews and giveaways.

However, please do not ask me to positively pitch a product, service or website that I have not used, tried or benefited from in exchange for a 10.00 gift card.  All products and services pitched to me must in some way fit within theme of this blog.  Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with my content.  Once you have done so, you will quickly see why I would hands down sell my soul for a beautiful toddler dress, the latest  Fancy Nancy book and a life time supply of candy sprinkles.

You really want to make my day?  Offer me something to review - and if I like it, let me giveaway the same product/service for FREE to my readers.

Please keep in mind that any and all opinions expressed on this blog are mine and mine alone.  If you ask me to review your products and I think it sucks, I will tell my readers that it sucks.  If your product is the most amazing thing since the invention of sliced bread, I will sing your company and its product praises to the moon and back.

I do not charge for product reviews or giveaways that I host.  However, if you are asking me to be your brands ambassador and/or host or write a post that is to appear on a corporate site, I do require compensation for these activities.  I maintain the right to terminate an advertising contract or product review relationship at any time and for any reason.

Finally, while my numbers may not be as high or as grand as some other Mommy Blogs - my readers are good, honest, hard working, kind, loving, loyal and quite simply the best readers a working mom, who happens to write on this blog could ever ask for.  I respect my readers and their time.  I ask that you respect both me as well as my readers.   

Thank you! I can't wait to hear from you & I certainly look forward to working with you.

Please contact me at: