The Mayhem Makers

Mayhem Mama: 
I'm a flip flop wearing, coffee drinking, monster cookie making, small town marketing professional who used to be a waitress at a local diner. I have an obsession with good food, exceptional bake goods and local wine. I think everyone should eat 4 meals a day – breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. I also come complete with a husband whom I have known for 10 years.

I believe that everything happens for a reason, that is important to be polite, that kindness and compassion go a long way and that sometimes it’s ok to say things to others that they might not want to hear.

When I am not busy working and being a mom, I drink coffee like my existence depends on it, watch way too much TV, don't read as much as I would like too. Oh - and I wish they had told me when I was younger not to fight taking a nap, cause I now that I want time to nap, I do not have time to nap.

Mayhem Maker: 

Madaline Elizabeth.  Also known as Mommy's little BIG girl.  Eater of PB&J Sandwiches that HAVE to be made with Grape jelly and cut into the four triangles.  Favorite ice cream is 'banilla with sprinkles' in a cone, not a dish.  Dresses herself, but still needs help with those tricky buttons and lately has taken wearing her panties not only inside out but backwards. Currently obsessed with the Imagination Movers and the hardest choice of her day, most days, is between braids or pigtails.

My parents have worked hard to teach me hard to teach you good manners.  My kitties, Morris, Murphy & Mouse on an average day eat more than I do and all three of us enjoy testing the limits of Mommy patience on an hourly basis. And of course, there is Bear. Madaline, The Mayhem Maker never goes anywhere with out Bear. This worn plush partner in crime has been present on every childhood adventure since Madaline turned 1.