Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekend REwind

We had a weekend about a close to perfection as one can have.....
{click on image to make larger}

Aunt Olly is HOME for Christmas. Madaline & I spent the entire weekend together just doing what it is that we do best...puttering around the house, visiting my bestie for coffee and late lunch out like fancy ladies. We even threw in a late Sunday snuggle and cookie baking session for good measure.

It finally snowed here over the weekend --- that was enough to finally make it seem like it was time to get out my snowmen. It was fun to listen to Madaline ask questions as I placed each one of the entertainment center and did my best to artfully arrange them.

Christmas is just right around the corner. Are you ready?


Connie said...

Great shots!

We are totally ready!

Kameron said...

I have to craft my butt off for the next few days to be ready, but everything else is done! Are you guys still going to be out here over Christmas break?