Thursday, September 8, 2011

Just Yesterday

Just yesterday,
we brought you home from the hospital.
I was dropping my 6 weeks old off at daycare.
Just yesterday, we celebrated another year of you.
You turned 4.Just yesterday, you were drinking out of a bottle.
Just yesterday,
we hid ALL your Nuks in a drawer.
You had your first taste of solid food.
Just yesterday,
you asked me for a big girl cup instead of a sippy cup. Just yesterday you started to crawl.
You learned to run.
Just yesterday you suddenly knew how to skip.
Just curious,
when you are going to learn to actually walk?Just yesterday, you didn't say a word.
You graduated from speech therapy.
Just yesterday,
your Dad and I wondered what silence sounds like.
Just yesterday,
I filled out the registration paperwork for you to attend Pre-K.
I got the letter with your class assignment and supply list.
I bought you a backpack.
Just yesterday,
we attending Pre-K orientation.
I packed my first lunch box.Just like yesterday,
I helped you get dressed and braided your hair.
Today your Dad helped you put on your new socks and sneakers.
Just like yesterday,
I zipped up your hoodie.
today, just like yesterday,
I kissed your cheek, hugged you tight,
and whispered "Mama loves you" in your ear.But, today,
unlike yesterday,
I watched you giddy with excitement waiting for the school bus.
And, today,
unlike yesterday,
I watched you climb the steps of the school bus.
And, today,
unlike yesterday,
it was you, instead of me,
who waved from a moving window, as the bus drove away.And, today,
unlike yesterday,
I cried.
before I know it,
all of today will be just another yesterday.


Stillmary said...

Oh my gosh! Yours is the 'You Capture' post of the day!!! The narrative is so touching but wouldn't be as beautiful if it weren't enhanced by the absolutely perfect pictures that go with it. You've made me smile tearfully. I've checked them all out today. They're good but none touches yours. (And your daughter is beautiful.)

Kim said...

Beautiful Mama. It goes so fast isn't it?

Corrie said...

what a wonderful story with beautiful pictures :)

Connie said...

She looks so grown up with that giant backpack!

Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry said...

I love this post. Beautifully written from a beautiful Mama's heart!