Thursday, June 9, 2011

Picking Flowers

Madaline has an obsession with picking flowers. We had the most pretty geraniums on the back deck. She picked all the flowers, all the blooms and all the buds off from it. They should grow back. Maybe. I hope anyway.

We went flower and herb shopping over the weekend. Each place we stopped, before we entered the green house I'd get right down to eye level and say "do NOT pick the blooms off the flowers". And, she'd look at me with her big eyes really wide and say, "yes Mama".

And, so, late in the day on Saturday when I told her we'd clip some of the perennials and bring them inside she was ecstatic. As I was clipping the iris that had gotten to top heavy to stand up straight in the garden, I noticed Mads had disappeared to the other side of the shed. Before to long she reappeared. In her little hand were what we call "ditch flowers". They are a very pretty small budded purple flowers. The grow in the ditch behind our shed as well as in the ditches that line the country roads we drive on a regular basis. They really are very pretty.
"Mama, I pick'd zis for ewe" she said, with a smile that was trying to be wider than her face.

"Why thank you Mads. They are just want these white iris need to mak
e them look pretty"

Now...If I can just get to to NOT pick the golden rod in August and try to pass it off as a pretty flower because she likes the color I 'd be all set. (as it too grows in our ditch) *A-CHOO!*


Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Very pretty arrangement of the flowers!

Karrie said...

LOL!!!! Kids and flowers are so sweet! MY kids are always picking my flowers, I always sweetly reply "Thank you honey, now please stop picking my flowers" LOL!

Jen said...

What a lovely bouquet!

Alyssa said...

aww so sweet. My son doesn't pick the whole flower, just the bloom. Someday I'll get a normal bouquet I guess.

Kameron said...

Arielle likes to pick all flowers too. Unfortunately there is no reasoning with an 18 month old. I have to follow her around like crazy if we are anywhere she shouldn't pick them. :)