Thursday, April 28, 2011


Madaline has been rockin' the accessories lately.
And, on Sunday it all came to a head. literally
You see, It started with the Hat.
The Hat that my Mom gave to Madaline just a few days before Easter.
And, then it evolved into this:
And while I think all her "accessories" are just down right adorable. I'd say it's her smile that totally makes the outfit.

Hat: Target, Dollar Bin

Hoodie: Gifted from Aunt Olly
PJ Dress: I honestly don't remember - It's at least 2years old.
Rain Boots: Gifted from Grammy (she got them at the Shoe Depot)
Sunglasses: The Bass Pro Shop
Smile: Madaline

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Snack Routine {15/52}

Is it snack time yet? {Ahh, no. We just ate dinner}

5 minutes later:
Is it snack time yet? {not yet sweetie - want to help clear the table?}

10 more minutes go by:
Mommy....I can have snack while I watch Diego, right? {yes, at 7:30 while you watch Diego}
5 minutes later:
MOMMY! it snack time yet? {No. Not yet.}

5 more minutes:
Mommy, is Diego on yet? {No. Not yet.}

Another 5 minutes later:
MOMMY! it snack time yet? {No. Not yet.}

This goes on until, FINALLY,

7:28: it snack time yet? {yes - what would you like for snack?}
Mommy...come to the kitchen with me. {no junk I remind her as we walk to the kitchen}
Can I get on the counter? Pwease Mom.....
and, the fun part is that we get to do it again tomorrow night.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mads & Max

One of our local libraries held several FANTASTIC events in the month of March. One Saturday morning we got hear New York Times best selling author Tedd Arnold read some of his books as well as show us how he came up with the illustrations for several of his characters.

And the following weekend, Madaline got to meet one of her favorite storybook Nick Jr. characters. Max the Bunny. One of Madaline's favorite show, hands down, has always been Max & Ruby.

I know, I know...Max & Ruby.

I know, I know...She is going to be 4 in July and getting a wee bit old to watch the show.

I know, I know...Ruby's voice is like nails on a chalkboard. Max is constantly getting into trouble.

But, all that aside, it is a cute show - and in my opinion that books are way cuter than the TV show. One of Madaline's favorite books is Max's ABC's.

So, was it worth standing shoulder to shoulder with 50 people in a space designed for 25 with at least 20 toddlers & small children milling about?
Do I really need to answer that?

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I am in no way, shape or form affiliated with the local public library, Tedd Arnold or the authors/creators of Max & Ruby. These were FREE events open to the public. Just so you know, We are just HUGE fans of Tedd Arnold's books and Madaline adores Max & Ruby. And, the fact that I even need to write these sentences is kind of annoying - but, I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea/impression.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dear Aunt Olly, {Week 25-31}

{You can click on photo to make it larger & some have told me it makes the text easier to read}