Friday, February 18, 2011

Mayhem and MADSisms {edition 3}

{Scene: Our driveway which is under 2 - 4 inches of ice}

"Look Mom, I'm walking like a penguin cause its slippery"

Me: "Maddy you crack me up"

"Mommy...if you were an egg, I'd crack YOU up"

{Scene: Tuesday Morning. I'm getting ready for work while trying to rouse the small child from her beauty slumber}

Me: Maddy it's time to get up.
Me: Madaline....I need you to get up now.
Me: Madaline Elizabeth...

"Moooooooommm......I am awake. I'm just going to lay in bed and rest my eyes for a few more minutes."

(Oye!!! And, so, it begins....)

{Scene: I've just finished cleaning up from dinner and wander into the living room}

Me: What'cha building now?

I building something cool. Something really really cool with my blocks Mom. {w/ attitude and extra emphasis on the cool}

{Scene: Murphy the Cat has jumped up on the arm of the chair}

Oh...Daddy, be careful. Murphy's kinda feisty.

Him: Honey....where is she learning this stuff?
Me: *shrugs* I don't know....daycare?

{Scene: Maddy & I are driving home after running errands in town, and about to drive by a local dairy farm on our way home}

Mads: Where are the cows?

Me: Prolly in the Barn - It's cold, so Mr. H keeps them in the barn this time of year

Mads: Oh, Are they sleeping?

Me: Nah..It's early yet

Mads: Are they being milked?

Me: Probably

Mads: When I get home, I'm going to milk myself.

Me: Ahhhh...Huh? What? Ok?


Kameron said...

I love their strange lines! These days, most of Natey's revolve around poop. *sigh*

bethismyname said...

I might have to use that "if you were an egg I'd crack you up" line. I wish I could come up with stuff that clever!

Molly Louise said...

"Oh...Daddy, be careful. Murphy's kinda feisty." has to be my favorite one.

How I ADORE that small child.