Thursday, January 6, 2011

'Tis my life {1/52}

I have all these post ideas swirling in my head. They cloud my thougths. At times the ideas seem so overwhelming. But, that's really is not important.
'tis my life
I've been savoring the moments a bit more lately. Pondering what goes on around me. Stepping back. Looking closer. Making sure that I am truly seeing all that there is to see. Refreshing my spirit. Soothing my soul. Allowing knowledge to seep into the corners of my brain. Taking time to be amazed. Watching the wonder. Allowing myself to to truely savor each moment as it unfolds in front of me.
'tis my life

And, right now....A living room carpet sprinkled with fruit loops. A toddler obsessed with wearing tights with everything from pants to PJ dresses (as she calls it). Murphy kitty being used once again as a foot stool. Dirty knee socks and well worn sneakers missing their mates. Pillows that spend more time on the floor than that couch. A happy, content little girl.

'tis my life.

and, I would have it any other way.


Dana said...

It looks like that cat doesn't mind a bit being used as a foot rest :-)

Miss you!!

Kameron said...

I must have a cat with the worst temperment ever. She won't let the kids near her let alone use her for a footrest! Cute pic and good idea on savoring the good things. It helps kick out the negativity!

Connie said...

Those tights are awesome!!

Poor kitty....

Anonymous said...

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