Thursday, January 20, 2011

i see {3/52}

I see:
"Ugh! Mom. Stop taking my picture. Moooooommmmmmmeeeeeeeee!" she whines as I beg to snap just. one. more. The perfect shot. The shot the captures who she really is.
I see:
a little girl so full of spunky attitude that sometimes she reminds me of a classic rock song that makes you try to dance in the seat as you drive to work. So full of energy and life that is spreads and livens up everything that surrounds her.
I see:
someone who is sometimes sweet. "your the best{est} mommy I've every had". And, someone who is sometimes sour. "No, I don't wanna _____ (and you can fill in the blank with any word imaginable).
I see:
in the many faces of my daughter of my daughter the endless possibility of dreams, aspirations, life, love, energy, happiness, tears, joy, laughter, and more Magnificent Mayhem than her mama knows what to do with some days.


Twins plus Two said...

Fabulous post :) xx

Molly Louise said...

Yeah. That's the small one. :D


Kameron said...

Cooperating with the paparazzi is not what toddlers do best, eh! Even if we never get the "perfect" shot, when we look back on their childhood even the blurry ones will seem perfect to us. :)