Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dear Aunt Olly, {Week 15}

{You can click on photo to make it larger & some have told me it makes the text easier to read}

I did not expect to be writing Dear Aunt Olly {Week 15} as if my sister was still in the United Kingdom. However, she is. Molly is one of the thousands of passengers affected by the snow which brought Heathrow Airport to a screeching halt. So, if you could, and I'm not usually one to ask, PLEASE, I need you to pray, chant, work your juju, beg, conjure the spirits, send positive thoughts skyward, cross your fingers/toes/eyeballs, heck, I'm not above asking you to break out the voodoo mojo - just do what ever it is you believe in doing - so that Molly's plane, leaves Heathrow Airport, tomorrow, so that she can be home for Christmas. It is and will be be greatly appreciated.


Kameron said...

That stinks! I hope her flight leaves today so she'll be home in time.

Kim ~ One Nutty Mama said...

Praying she makes it home for Christmas. I know how hard it is to miss a sister/Aunt around the holidays. this year will be the first year without my little sister nearby for the holidays. (they moved out of state)