Monday, November 22, 2010

Mayhem and MADS-isms {edition 2}

I really need to teach Madaline how to make coffee - it would make dealing with the full force onslaught of "mommy....moMMY....MOMMY" before I can even get the filter in the basket so much more tolerable

That when Sunday starts before 6AM your child's ability to listen will start to malfunction no later than 6:15AM

And, to add insult to injury - That the volume and energy level control knobs on Mayhem Makers, specifically the "Madaline Elizabeth" Model, circa 2007, will promptly start malfunctioning at 7:15am on that exact same Sunday

When one has only had a 1/2 a cup of coffee the voice of the characters on Little Einsteins are extremely reminiscent of nails on a chalkboard

Pants are pure evil in the mind of Madaline - and it is absolute torture having to wait for a pretty dress to finish drying in the dryer.

LOVE: Little girls who wear denim jumpers and stripped tights. LOVE!! *melts my heart*

Allowing Nick Jr to entertain your child in the hour before dinner will award you the opportunity to clean the kitchen and cook dinner in peace and, ah, quiet.

I never knew that something as simple as a brand new sheet of stickers would bestow upon me the "Your the best-est Mommy ever" award

An unopened wind up dinosaur Happy Meal toy stashed in my go bag that I cart back and forth to work every day came in very handy last Friday when I realized I was out of dum-dum lollipops at daycare pick up.

Mads clearly knows more than I give her credit for - as Grammy and I were informed last night that this week is "Thankgibbing" and then comes "Chris-Mist"

Last Wednesday, Madaline spoke with Aunt Olly on the phone. Not a day has passes since that she's asked me about Aunt Olly or tells me some snippet of their conversation.

I might as well just hand Madaline a bowl of frosting sprinkled with raisins - because out of her slice of Sunday dessert - all she ate were the raisins she picked out of the cake which she thne dipped in the frosting.


Molly Louise said...

You will never know how much I ADORE that small child.

Kameron said...

You should get a coffee maker that you can set. I really think I need me one of those! It is torture since my coffee pot broke to have to wait until the baby goes down at 9 to walk to DD with Nate to get my coffee. That is a long 2-2 and a half hours! lol