Monday, October 25, 2010

Mayhem and MADS-isms, {edition 1}

The other night we were finished with dinner and Madaline was climbing out of her booster seat. Not wanting her to fall, I said "Hold your shorts" as I extended my hand to help her. Her reply? "I'm not wearing shorts mom - I don't even have pants on".
And, she didn't. She's gotten back into the habit of stripping down to her unders as soon as we walk in the door every evening.
My parents took Madaline Saturday afternoon to get pumpkins. I got a much needed afternoon to myself that I filled with a hair cut and grocery shopping. Later that evening I was asking her how the afternoon went:

Me: "Did you have fun at the pumpkin place with Grammy & Grampy?"
Mads: "Patch. Not a pumpkin place - a Pumpkin PATCH"
Me: "Huh?"
The evening sky has been like a sheet of glass sprinkled with stars the last few weeks. A few Friday's ago as we were walking across the back deck after coming home from my parent's: .

"Wook-it Mom - Stars. Mom - Stars"
Me: "I see them Mads"
"I want one Mom"
Me: "One what?"
"A star"
Me: "Ok"
*grunts & jumps* "I can't reach - can you get me one?"
"I wish sweetie...I wish"
*thunk, thunk, thud*
Me: "Madaline, how many times do I have to tell you that we don't play on the stairs?"
"I'm not"
*thud, thunk, thud*
ME: "MADALINE - We DON'T play on the stairs"
"I'm NOT"
*thunk, thud, thunk*
Me: "Than what are you doing?"
and sure enough, she was just sitting on the landing, eating her apple, thumping her feet on the stairs, under the watchful eye of Morris & Murphy
Madaline came thundering down the stairs Sunday and running into the living room
"Mommy I got a boo-boo"
Me: "Really? Where?"
"Right here" *hold up her middle finger and flips me off*
Me: *annoyed* "Did your Dad teach you that?"
Me: "Did your Dad teach you that?"
"Noooo....Mom - I got a boo-boo" *continues to flip me off while showing me a small scratch on her finger*
Me: "HONEY..... *Husband appears around corner* Maddy - show Daddy your boo-boo"
"Daddy.....I got a boo-boo" *turns on her heel and flips my husband off*
It took all I had to keep a straight face as my Husband almost choked on his coffee


Molly Louise said...

I absolutely ADORE that child.

Kameron said...

I love what they come up with. Nate is the king of making me lugh when I am on the verge of strangling him! :o)

Connie W said...

She is a character!!