Monday, September 20, 2010

A Snoozing Remodel

We did a LOT of cleaning, sorting, organizing, carpet pulling and floor board replacing this weekend. And, believe it or not, we finally got some "stuff" hung up on the walls. It's been 3 years, I suppose we need to get settled at some point. Right?

So amidst the chaos that was our home on Sunday, as my husband was ripping up carpet tack strips and cutting out floor boards that needed to be replaced, Mads and I had a little conversation shortly after lunch:

"Mads, You want to go upstairs and take a little snooze?"


"You sure? Mommy will go upstairs and we can both take a little snooze" *wink wink*


"Really - Come on - Mommy wants to go take a little snooze - Don't you want to take a little snooze?" *hint hint* - Mommy wants to take a Sunday afternoon snooze*


(She has taken to calling me 'MOTHER' in certain situations where she really wants to drive her point home. Being called 'MOTHER' makes all the hairs on the back of my neck stand starigh up at attention and conjures images in my head of Mommy Dearest and Mrs. Bates.)

And, off she wandered into the living room to see if she could help her Dad. Because, well, playing with power tools and a hammer that weighs as much as her is way more fun that helping Mommy sort through 3 years worth of accumulated paper & magazines. Next thing I know - I'm walking by the living room on my way to the recycle bin in the kitchen and I spy Madaline curled up on the couch. And, it was almost as if it didn't really register in my brain, until I was dumping the papers in the bin and I heard the squealing buzz of the saw start up again. She's was napping. With the the piles of toys, the sawing, stacks of books, hammering, the occasional yelling between rooms, and slamming doors - My, 'NO...I'M NOT TIRED MOTHER' took a snooze. And, me? I went back to sorting papers and junk.


Connie W said...

Oh Mother! My kids never want to nap with me either. In fact...I can't even remember the last time anyone took a nap in this house.

She's so cute!

Molly Louise said...

I LOVE that small child.