Friday, September 24, 2010

Pavlov's Ducks

Its really no secret that we live in the country. I talk about it all the time. And, honestly, I wouldn't trade it for the world. It is beautiful here. The views are stunning, not to mention this is where I grew up.
However, living in the country kind of comes with it's own unique set of driving hazards. Most drivers have to mainly worry about other drivers, children darting across the road and maybe a few squirrels. Then there are some drivers that worry about the aforementioned things in additional to deer, skunks, opossums, dogs, cats, foxes and coyotes. Of course, on any given day, anyone, anywhere, can have to deal with any combination of those road hazards. But, we like to make it even more complicated where I live. In my neck of the wood, you need to add the following to the lists of potential 'car denting sure to put you in a deep ditch' road hazards: farm animals. Yes. Farm animals - horses, cows, sheep, goats, guinea hens and, well, ducks.

(Please note that where I live is so rural - note I said RURAL - NOT REDNECK - that some of the roads are not even marked with yellow and white lines.)

That's right. Ducks. Last night, after picking Madaline up from daycare, I once again, crested the top of the hill on our way home, only to suddenly need to slam on the brakes. I had gotten out of work late, which meant I got to daycare late, which meant, that we were just late. Instead of getting home by 5:45 it was going to be close to 6pm. And, so I was thinking about the impending logistical nightmare of dinner, playtime, shower, jammies, show, snack, and stories done by Madaline's 8pm bedtime when a little voice loudly interrupts my thoughts from the back seat "Mommy.....ducks - DUCKS!" It seems that the sound of my car coming over the hill is to the ducks what a dinner bell was to one of Pavlov's dogs.

"I hear it....I hear it.....go-Go-GO.....Waddle....WADDLE across the road NOW!"
So, for the 4th night in a row we waited for the ducks. I took a deep breath, blared the horn and once again sighed in annoyance while Madaline squealed with delight from the back seat. After what felt like 5 minutes which was probably really only a minute or two, we were finally on our way. Madaline spent the remainder of our ride chattering and asking me questions about ducks. Me? I may or may not have forgotten about our evening schedule and started to day dream about fluffy new down pillows for my bed.


Dana said...

LOL!!! Love the idea of the pillows..perhaps a comforter?

I know it seems frustrating when you are running late but years down the road Maddie will remember the ducks and it will actually be a special time for her with her Mommy.

But again I would take a new down comforter :-)

Molly Louise said...

If they're the ones I think they are - where I think they are - the chances that that you whack one with a car every now and then are significantly more during peak traffic times. Or when you're running late.

All I have over here is sheep. If I see one with a crazy blue and white hat, I shall be sure to take a photo.

Connie W said...

There is a duck crossing near our apartment and it's on a busy street. Crazy ducks.

Loukia said...

It is great to live in the country, especially when you have young children! So much for them to do and see and explore... who needs the TV when you've got nature in your own backyard! So cute, the ducks.

Kameron said...

We aren't rural but have our share of wild life! It is usually geese for us, sometimes wild turkeys!