Friday, September 10, 2010

Looking Back and Thinking Forward

Two weeks ago, I would have said that we had another month of summer left. At least it felt that way. But, in the last few days, the weather has shifted. The days have grown shorter and the nighttime darkness has gotten longer. The winds have picked up, the sky has taken on a gray hue and the temperature hovers under 60. Once again we conquer the daily battle of convincing Madaline to wear closed toe shoes, the need for socks, pants and the ever oppressive and dreaded jacket. And, so, last night, long after the Mayhem Maker was in bed, I wandered through the house, reluctantly closing windows and latching them to seal out the cold air that likes to whistle its way into the house. As I wandered from room to room, seeing Madaline's mischievous Morris & Murphy curled on the couch, piles of folded laundry that needs to be put away, a stray block under the side table, I suddenly found myself outside on the deck. The crisp breeze un-tucking a wayward hair from behind my ear as I wrapped my sweater around me a bit more tightly while listening to the sounds of fall filling the air. I could hear the great pines swaying gently back and forth, a few rogue crickets desperately singing for summer to stay, and the spooky hoot of a distant owl. Suddenly, out of the corner my eye, in the pale glow from the streetlight out front, as I witnessed a few leaves fall from the neighbors giant oak tree I felt the memories of summer settle themselves onto the scrapbook pages of my mind.We have had a busy summer. And, as we cling desperately to these last few days of warmness there is much we have ahead of us. With tears in our eyes and love in our hearts, will will say Goodbye to our beloved Olly when she leaves on Sunday for Wales. We will do our best to patiently cross 98 days off our calendar until she returns on December 18th. There are apples to be picked. Apples that will fill The Townsend Bakery with the sweet simmering smell of homemade applesauce and warm sticky yumminess of my favorite apple cake . Halloween costumes need to be chosen and crafted with love by Grammy. And, once again, we will take a Saturday afternoon drive, 45 minutes up the East side of Seneca Lake, to step our way through the Great Pumpkin Patch, in search of the perfect pumpkin to make the most goolish of jack-o-lanterns.
And, as I stood under a dark blue blanket spotted with stars, looking back and thinking forward, I realized it was time to say goodbye to summer. And so, just like that, we will welcome fall and all the Magnificent Mayhem it is sure to bring.


Molly Louise said...

I hate it when you make me cry. I love it, but I hate it.

thenameisbeth said...

Beautifully written post.

Connie W said...

Great post my friend.

I can't say goodbye to summer yet...because it's still hot in Colorado.

Kameron said...

It is hard when it goes from 80's to 60's within a few days. I was in denial the first cool day but I think I am willing to embrace it now. Summer was fun but the cool weather will bring cozying up by the fire and warm cider! I love fall....I just despise winter!

melissa said...

not saying goodbye. saying, see you soon.

Jennifer said...

That isn't a post, it is a picture. Beautiful.