Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chirp Chirp Ribbit Ribbit

We spend a LOT of time outside. It really does not matter what time of year it is. If it's cold, then we just layer on a sweatshirt. And, well, if it's warm, we put up the deck umbrella and do our best to stay hydrated. As a result Madaline is always looking for something in the back yard - flowers, bugs, dirt, creepy crawlies. You name it, she will find it. Well, she'll try anyway.Madaline has recently become increasingly interested in looking for frogs and catching crickets. We had an abundance of crickets in the back yard a few weeks ago. In true 'Mom of the Month' form, I handed my daughter an empty Starbucks iced coffee cup, with the lid (it was right on top in the recycle bin) and told her to catch away. Little did I know that we would have a few extra guests ON the dinner table that evening. However, now that the weather has turned cold, the crickets are few and far between. But, she still searches for them them everyday.
And, I did I mention the frogs? Oh my good gracious, this child's obsession with frogs. A few weeks ago she found one in the upper Orchard. It lived for a few days in the "hopper" on the back of her trike. The "hopper" on her trike is kinda like the bucket on the back of a dump truck - only on the back of her trike. (Gosh, I hope that makes sense) She lovingly put some grass and some water in the "hopper" for the little frog - and declared that it was a new pet. However, a heat wave rolled through (95+ degree days) and that proved to be the demise of the frog in the hopper. (yuck!) And, I think I nearly fainted on the spot as my husband told her we might invest in an aquarium of sorts and she could have a real frog in the house as a means of easing the blow of the dead fried frog in her hopper.My husband thinks it GREAT that Madaline loves nature, the outdoors and these little creatures. And, I agree with him. To a certain extent. What I don't love? The rogue cricket that is hiding and chirping in my kitchen for a few weeks now. And, AND, the some day prospect of a frog in my dining room, albeit in an aquarium.

Ahhhh.......Can't we just get some goldfish?


Connie W said...

Oh my heck....I thought she had POOP in her hand!

thenameisbeth said...

You should turn her on to like spiders and send her to my house to kill them all!

If you end up with an aquarium, I wish you lots of luck. My husband is now obsessed with it, and we have 125 gallon tank in our basement.

Kameron said...

I am anti-pet. My hubby hates my stance. We have a cat and when she's gone there will be no more animals! I told Nate he can get fish. I know, I'm the mean mommy, but to be honest I know who will end up taking care of them and I have enough to do!

LZ said...

We have an small dwarf frog aquarium and it couldn't be easier. The frogs (2 of them - until one, umm, passed away) are so cool to look at. They require minimal effort.
Cute pictures! Adorable most definitely goes with the name!