Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ugly Shoes

I am very picky about how I dress Madaline. I tend to choose clothing for her, much the same way that I choose clothing for myself. Clean lines, classic pieces, bright colored accents that can be mixed and matched if necessary. The black and white stripped leggings I saw recently at The Children's Place for fall - ADORABLE. The denim eyelet dress from The Gap that I snagged off the clearance rack that she can wear this fall with a simple white t-shirt and baby legs - EVEN MORE ADORABLE. The sundresses that she has wore most of the summer that I picked up for $5.00 here and there have taken a beating and still look great. It's pretty safe to say that I probably never spend more than $10.00 total on an outfit for my daughter. Really, it's not rocket science to dress your child nicely. And, you don't have to spend $20 - $35 on each piece of clothing to do it either.

And, going hand in hand with my philosophy spending next to nothing on my daughter wardrobe, I do have several pet peeves when it comes to dressing toddlers. It drives me up a wall that people thinks it cute if a toddlers shirt is too short and their belly is hanging out for all the world's viewing pleasure. Trust me, it's not. Also, I understand that it has been extremely hot and humid this summer - but, please, please put some cloths on your baby when you bring s/he out in public. A simple dress or t-shirt & shorts will suffice. And, don't give me the excuse that your child can't wear nice, well fitting clothing because they grow quickly. As I have explained in the previous paragraph, if you shop the sales and consignment stores, you can always have great looking clothing that properly fits your child.

Which brings me to character clothing. No. Not in this house and NOT on my daughter. My daughter is not going to be free advertising for your crappy show that drives me nuts. And, this hatred of character clothing applies to shirts, pants, shorts, socks, panties, jammies and hair accessories. Needless to say, I have dealt with many a meltdown, in a store, because I refused to buy Disney Princess panties or Dora jammies.

And lastly, shoes. Madaline spends most of the summer barefoot and wears flip flops when necessary. When the fall weather takes over, I usually pick her up a new pair of black and brown Mary Jane's or T-strap type shoes for fall/winter. But these things? These monstrosities that my mother bought my daughter for her birthday? Just thinking about them makes me cringe and the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. And, I should have known something was up, as my mother's face lit up with Cheshire grin a mile wide when she handed Mads a small square box. " have to let her wear these" - "These are to replace the princess shoes that seem to have disappeared" - "I bought them for her because it is totally the opposite of something you would buy for her" - "She's going to love them" - "Aren't they the cutest?"
"Ahhhh, Mom, the store should have PAID you to buy those shoes, not the other way around" - "What princess shoes?" - "NO mom. They are the fugliest things I have ever seen" - "Maddy, you can wear those out in public with Grammy - but never mommy".
Holy freakin' UGLY shoes.Looking for more? Check out:


Mellisa Rock said...

My Miss Maddy would have loved those - sparkly is what she would call them! :) I say if you are going out - your child must be wearing clothing too! LOL - I do however give in the character clothing - but have you noticed how they are now advertising on food too?

Dana said...

OMG!!! Those shoes are too cute & funky!!

They are perfect for an adorable 3 year old.

rachel... said...

My two year old has a pair VERY similar to those "fugly" ones of Maddy's. I think they're adorable, too; bright and shiny and sparkly just like little girls should be.

Character clothing wouldn't be my first choice, either, but having 5 kids, I've learned to relax and let a lot of things go. What does it hurt for my kid to wear a Disney Princess t shirt that she loves?

Did you really tell your daughter that she couldn't wear those shoes out in public with you? That makes me feel sad for her.

Molly Louise said...

And our mother wonders where we get that look when we've been up to something that we don't want her to know. Also explains why neither of you like surprises.

Eh. They're shoes. You know my philosophy on shoes.

LZ said...

Ooh, I think they're so cute! Where'd she get them?

@amydillon76 said...

I do think the shoes are cute but I think the real issue here is that your mother and you disagree and she blatantly went around what you want for your daughter. Not cool.

Kameron said...

I actually like the shoes, but I agree with you on the character clothes. I don't mind the undies. The superhero undies are the only incentive that Nate had to potty train that helped. No one can see them anyway. I have caved on the occasional Batman symbol shirt because he loved them, but no Elmo, Disney or other crap. Bleh!

I guess, as far as when she wears them, I'd say, let her have this one concession. If she really likes them, what's it hurting? Oh, but I am not sad for her. ;o)

Muthering Heights said...

I used to say no character clothing too...but my girls have received some Dora shirts as gifts. They just wear them to play in at home though... ;)