Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wordful Wednesday: What is My Madaline Made Of?

Sugar and spice
and everything nice
that's what my Madaline is made ofSunshine and rainbows
and ribbons for hair bows
that's what my Madaline is made of Tea parties, laces
and baby doll faces
that's what my Madaline is made of

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angie said...

She is so adorably adorable.

Kameron said...

She's a doll! I love thathat!! Girls are so fun to dress!

Molly Louise said...

She's also got that t-e-m-p-e-r that we all have, but nobody likes to admit.

Still, she's adorable.

Ann On and On... said...

Beautiful photos! She sounds like a sweet little girl...

amylou1977 said...

oh my she is getting so adorable