Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Posting

I just wanted to take a moment - deviate a wee bit from what usually gets posted on here, and point all my fantastic readers to a post titled 'Oh Blogland, What is Up with You?' over at That's Not Jello, That's My Brain.

It's about finding your place, blogging for you and to always remember YOUR voice when you write.

So, please - take a moment. Read it. Think about it. Ponder the message that the author is telling you. Heck, even leave a comment.

And, as long as blogger lets me log into my dashboard tomorrow - I will return us to our regularly scheduled posting programming.

Enjoy your day!


Kameron said...

I blog for me. I suppose if I were trying to grow a readership or make a band of myself I'd probably make sure to post more than 6 times a month like last month! I love that I have met many wonderful women through blogging. Since that is not why I started in the first place, it seems like a bonus to me!

Molly Louise said...

I love that you're my sister. :)