Friday, February 5, 2010

Weather Smeather!

We are in the dead of winter here in Western NY. We are lucky if at high noon the temperatures break into the double digits. It. Is. Cold.

(taken last Saturday morning - her Dad was outside taking care of something and she needed to go out that very instance - and yes, I MADE her put a hat on - It's cold outside and you lose 90% of your body heat off the top of your head - I don't want her to get sick, you know!)

However, Madaline has found it necessary that she be naked. My Dad picks her up from the sitter on the days that she is there. He then take her to my house. After he leaves, I get started on dinner in hopes of having a meal on the table by at least 6:15. Madaline likes to sit on the counter, watch, stir, help. The other night, I had just put some sauce in a pot, and I hear "Pick me up Mommy". Not even thinking, I bent down, didn't really look, and plopped her on the counter. Only, the sound her tiny hinie made sounded, as I plopped her down on the counter was 'off'. It was like you could hear the flesh smooshing (is that even a word?) - or like when I giggle my upper arm fat. *gross* I look over, and there she is, in all her naked glory on the counter. *sigh* I informed her that she needed to at least go get her panties. Because, well, as open minded as I am, I just could not deal with her two tiny butt cheeks leaving skin cells on my counter. *gag*

So - there you have it - and if you had looked in my kitchen window that night, what a sight we must have been! The naked toddler and me - me, who was bundled up in sweats, three shirts, a HUGE bulky sweater and socks.

Is it summer yet?


Kameron said...

They love being naked don't they??!! I had to sew my son's footie jams closed a few nights so he wouldn't be naked as a lark come midnight!

Connie Weiss said...

My sister was the naked one....all of the pictures of her as a toddler are without clothes.

Silly Madaline.

Have fun with Olly today!

McVal said...

LOL! I've had some streakers in my day too! Just glad they don't go running around outside in this kind of weather! And glad they've outgrown that kind of thing...