Monday, February 22, 2010

"Little A _ _ holes"

My mom was home last Monday. As opposed to Madaline spending the day at the sitter's while my husband and I worked, Madaline spent the day with Grammy & Grampy. This is great, was great, until I got a phone call at 2:30 in the afternoon from Grammy.

Me: Hello
Grammy: Are you busy? *she was calling me at work*
Me: No more than usual
Grammy: "Do you know what your daughter said at the lunch table today?"
Me: "I can only imagine" *I was probably rolling my eyes*
Grammy: "Do you want to take a guess?"
Me:"No" *insert another eye roll*
Grammy: "She said that the little a$$holes peed on the bed"
Me: "Who's bed? My bed? Huh? Are you sure?"
Grammy: "Yes - she said that you call Morris & Murphy 'little a$$holes'."
Me: "Its possible"
Grammy: "You really need to watch what you say"
Me: "Dooooddddee, Mom, It's not like she dropped the f-bomb. When she does that, then perhaps I will concerned. A-Hole does not rank high on my lists of things she shouldn't say"
Grammy: "Heather Ann"
Me: "Love you mom..."


Kameron said...

My son knows when we say "naughty words" and feels the need to put ME in a timeout! He pissed me off the other day and I said Damn it, and he was quick to point out that I shouldn't say "those words, they're naughty words". I put myself in timeout just so he'd go away for a minute!!

Connie Weiss said...

I'm trying really hard to watch my mouth but I can't get Aunt Bobbi to do it so we laugh when M says Son of a B*tch!

Your M is pretty funny!

girlytwins said...

LOL. So funny! My mom was appalled the my Addison said 'fricken'. She thought I would be embarrassed if she said it at school. I don't think I would be :)

Wendy said...

I'm raising kids that swear like crazy, because my mother-in-law raised kids that swear like crazy. Plus, my husband runs a car dealership and car people swear more than my mother-in-law. But really? I'd rather have my kids swearing that being pimps or killers.