Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Holiday Wrap up Mayhem Style

We have been busy around here.

I am on vacation until January 4th. I vowed that this year, Madaline and I would do something. Perhaps, something constructive - and so we have. Ok. Not really. But, We have been playing with Play-Doh, her new toys that she got for Christmas, and doing some baking. Oh...and we are Potty Training. Which, we are somewhat successful with. So, well, at least we are doing, something.....constructive. Right?

And, so with that......I thought it might be best to bring you up to speed in photos. Take at peak at what we have accomplished up to this point. Or, at least, take a look at what we had been doing. Make sense? That way, you don't have to read my awful writing - and, you get to look at my cute Mayhem Maker, Morris & Murphy, Olly, and a few others. Sounds good...right?

Ok. Here goes:

Our Holiday week (actually, this was almost two weeks ago now that I am finally sitting down to write about it) started with the making of Gingerbread houses. It was just a lot of candy and frosting, followed by more candy and frosting, and ended with a LOT MORE candy and frosting. *belch* I am not sure I can ever really look at a snow-cap again, and not be reminded of my daughter and her spit soaked fingers in the frosting dish as she plastered gingerbread with candy.

But, as you can see, she was proud of her creation and it was kind of fun. Just a little bit - especially since Daryl and I went shopping later that afternoon, and her Grammy got to deal with the sugar high.

We made I Should Be Folding Laundry's peppermint bark as well as many other goodies - Monster Cookies, Graham Cracker Toffee, Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Oreo Truffles....Some that was taken to family parties and we gave a LOT away. It was fun - The Mayhem Maker and Olly had a good time crushing candy canes with a meat tenderizer in my dining room floor. Also - you will see that Morris got in on the action as well. Or, he way trying to at least.

And, because I had so much baking and candy making to do, Olly was kind enough to spend some of her time at my house entertain my Mayhem Maker. This meant she got to reap the benefits of after bath time snuggles

And, we had a simple Christmas....Not a lot of extravagance.

Daryl and I really wanted to make sure that Madaline played with her toys. That she didn't flit from toy to toy in a toy overload haze or stupor. We worked really hard and had many conversations on what we thought would be special and something she would actually be interested in. We didn't want to just buy her toys to buy her toys and end up with her being overwhelmed - which is what happened last year.

And, at almost a week late, we are pleased to say that we were somewhat successful in our thinking. As a result, we have had a fantastic week of playing with each and everything she received. And, the smiles or should I really say her typical Mayhem Maker smirk, has been ever present on her face since Christmas Day. And, to see that little grin, usually followed by her sweet giggle, each time we play with one of her new toys, has just been music to our ears.

And, so, I, or we rather, hope that your holiday, was just as sweet, just as magical and filled with just a hint of Mayhem...Just like ours!

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Tesa said...

It looks like you had a wonderful holiday season. Those gingerbread houses are so cute. Glad to hear Madaline enjoyed her gifts, that always makes for a wonderful Christmas.