Friday, December 18, 2009

The Friday Feature: Bread and Butter, a kitchen shoppe

When I started the month of December, I look at the pages of my idea book. What I saw, was that I had lot of ideas and that I was filled with high hopes for my blog in the month of December. Really, I had all these great ideas. Perhaps my most favorite idea, was to that I was going to put together a Friday Feature. I was going to highlight fellow bloggers, shops/stores that I adore, and even my favorite holiday tricks & tips. Well, here we are, the next to last Friday in December, a week away from Christmas, and this is the first post. I am working on creating a button for this little project - but, well, I am not so good in the create an avatar department. And, so, without further ado, - My first installment of: The Friday Feature.


I think it is safe to say, that Madaline and I bake, ALOT. I even have a separate blog about my escapades in the kitchen, that my sister & I co-author. Well, I do more on it than she does, but, that is neither here or there. The Townsend Bakery is really more my dream, my baby than hers, but, it wouldn't be the same if here name wasn't attached to it some how.

And, so when a fellower blogger put out a call looking for some of our favorite food based blogs, I jumped at the chance to put The Townsend Bakery in for consideration. Never in a million years, did I expect what actaully came of it.

You see, Jill, the creator and author of Scary Mommy, has set up and started, one of the most ADORABLE on-line kitchen shops I have ever seen.

It has the sweetest, most eclectic collection of kitchen stuff. You can find adorable aprons, fun cookware and some great holiday gifts. All right in one place.

So, you can just imagine the squees of joy I let out when I found that Jill linked to one of my Townsend Bakery recipes on her new site. I mean really, Just look at this apron.....

Isn't it adorable?

I can so totally see myself serving up Christmas dinner or serving my apple cake with tea or coffee. My husband might actually think I was Martha Stewart or June Cleaver instead of just thinking that I pretend to be like them.

Additionally, it was fun to see lots of different items geared towards children on her site. Jill, being that is is a mother of three, knows that children love to cook and should be encouraged to aid and experiment.

And, with idea shown in the picture above or with charming accessories, like these measuring spoons, our kiddos are for sure going to be right at home in the kitchen.
And, even if I didn't have Madaline, I would want those measuring spoons. They would make me crack up every time I needed to measure out a teaspoon or two of good vanilla extract.

And, I am honored to be a part of her site - I am honored to have one of my favorite recipes featured there. How could I not be? Thank you Jill...THANK YOU!

And, with that my dear readers, I have something to ask of you. Take a look at your Christmas list - do you have people left to buy for? I know I do - I have NOT even started to do my Christmas shopping. So, perhaps instead of heading to the mall or you local big box chain store, you take a minute and poke around Bread & Butter, a kitchen shoppe. You won't be sorry.

All images belong to Scary Mommy or Bread & Butter, a kitchen shoppe.


Connie Weiss said...

Very cute stuff! Love those mitten utensil holders!

Scary Mommy said...

Oh, my goodness. You have totally, completely made my day. No! My entire week. You are so wonderful for doing this. THANK YOU!!!!

McVal said...

I love Scary Mommy! She's made me see the scary mommy within myself and I embrace it!

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

She has such a beautiful shoppe. I love how she incorporates the kids in the kitchen, too.

casual friday every day said...

Love it! I just bought an apron off etsy... super fancy little thing. Hopefully I have the nerve to wear it... well, I will alone I suppose!