Wednesday, November 25, 2009

wordFUL Wednesday: HaPpY bIrThDaY to 'The Wandering Sagittarius'

My sister, Molly, known here as Olly, turns 20 today. And, in her honor, I dug into my archives and found a post, that was originally published just a few months ago -


I remember, the day that you were born, it was the day after Thanksgiving, 1989, and I spent the evening at the Height’s Theater watching “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids”. You arrived into this world at 10:25, and I got to see you shortly there after.

I remember, that while you learned to walk, you preferred to run. One time, your newly found talent landed you in the emergency room for doing a forehead plant on the stairs at my house.

I remember that when you were a little girl and you were afraid to go outside – and any time we left the house, we use to have to do a sky check.

I remember that for some reason you didn’t think it was necessary when you were a little kid to sleep in a bed – you slept by it, under it, or next to it – but hardly in it. This made it necessary to always check the floor next to my own, as not to squish you when I got out of bed.

I remember that when I graduated from High School you graduated from Kindergarten – At graduation you managed to find a cricket – and if you look closely at most of the pictures from my HS graduation – you are holding this cricket.

I remember the summer before I went away to college – we traveled all over the place – we could spend whole afternoons browsing the books at Barnes & Nobel, at the State Park Pool, or over in Ithaca at the Discovery Center – we would really go anywhere we wanted, as long as we were back to Watkins by 5 – to pick Mom up from work.

I remember the day I left for college – you helped move me in my dorm room and mom said you cried all the way home – she often said she thought you would wear your first HWS sweatshirt all day, every day, if she let you…

I remember that mom & dad took you to get a cat after I left for college – Buttons – he’s was a nasty little thing – flea infested and the whole nine yards – I was the lucky one that got to give him a bath the next time I came home for a weekend.

I remember when your second grade teacher though I was a figment of your imagination – until mom set her straight and at your second grade end of year picnic, I introduced myself to her by saying “Hi – I am Molly’s imaginary sister Heather”.

I remember when you broke your leg, attempting to do a cartwheel – It also happened to be April Fool’s day, so I thought it was a joke at first. I was the first one to sign your green cast…

I remember when you went tub diving - scary then, but rather funny now – and unfortunately, it does not look like the Olympic committee is going to make it an event for the next round of summer games.

Two Words……”Townsend Terror”

I remember the way we laughed as we sorted through a couple of decades of photographs the summer before I got married – remember Dad in those plaid pants? I remember that was also the same summer that I heard you say – I can drive if you want…..

I remember when you play Varsity Soccer as a freshman – and last year when you put in two plenty shots during an Odessa game. I also, unfortunately, remember the one you missed and how I could feel your pain and disappointment all the way up in the stands.

I remember how you blubbered like a fool at my wedding rehearsal, but kept it together like a champ for the actually ceremony. And, I remember how your maid of honor speech even made my husband cry

I remember a year ago, when Daryl and I moved in at mom and dad's while we finished the house – it was real, it was fun, but it wasn’t always “real fun” – but, I did get a kick out of standing over you while you slept on the couch, staring at you, until you woke up, cause you felt a “presence”.

I will always remember that your face is one of the first faces that my own little girl saw after she was born as well as the first time she puked on you. And, I remember that Madaline said “lolly” before she said mum.

I remember taking you last fall to visit the HWS campus, that will be your home for the next four years – and thinking how proud I would be no matter where you choose to go to school while silently wishing and hoping that you chose my Alma mater.

I know that we have many more years to create memories that can start with the phrase “I remember” – but I want you to remember, mom will always make the “Geneva Ice Cream Run” when you need it, don’t ever let Dad catch you with less than a ½ tank of gas in the car in the middle of winter, ….but most importantly, I want you to remember, that no matter how big, how old, or far away you get – you will always be my little sister


McVal said...

Happy Birthday Ollie!

Rhonda said...

Happy Birthday to your sis! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Xmas Dolly said...

What a wonderful story. Makes me wish I had a sister. Happy Birthday to your baby sister, and a Happy Thanksgiving to both. I'm your latest follower.