Friday, November 20, 2009

Patiently Waiting

Every Night. Yes, Every night - They wait for her. Each evening, as Madaline takes a shower bath. They stand watch. And, they wait.

They wait. Patiently - as patiently as an almost 5 month old kitten can wait. Some nights their tails swish back and worth - a silent tell tale sign of their frustration. But, each night, without fail, they are always - always waiting for her.

Murphy just sits and waits. Every night. Some nights he sits on the floor, but most nights, he perches himself on the toilet. And, there he waits. He waits, hoping, that Mads might pop her head out around the side of the shower curtain and say "MORE-PHY", "MORE-PHY, what ya doin'?" His ears will perk up and his whiskers will twitch. He continues his wait...

Morris does wait as well as Murphy does. She is clearly the more impatient of the two. She wanders in and out of the bathroom. She paces - Back and forth - Back and forth. She jumps up on the edge of the tub. She bounces down. She jumps back up & then back down - again. Over and over and over. She bounds off to do a lap around the downstairs, only to come back about 15 seconds later - Her eyes dancing with excitement, head cocked to the side as if to say "Is she done yet? Is she done yet?"

And, finally, she is done. The hot water tank drained of all it's steamy goodness and her fingers and toes wrinkly as a prune.

But, its her face - It is her. Madaline, with her innocence mixed with just the right amount of Mayhem. The kind of mixture that makes you shake your head as you smile with wonder and amazement. It is that, her, Madaline, Madaline & her Mayhem, all that she is - that is what they wait for.

Patiently. Each night - without fail.


McVal said...

Awe! That's so sweet! They WUV their little Maddy girl!

LZ @ My Messy Paradise said...

So sweet!
My cats used to do that when I first got them, and one of them jumped in a few times. He was dumb...yours are just cute!