Friday, November 13, 2009

At LEAST it's NOT Chicken Pox?

We have....

drum roll



Just this past weekend, we had the flu. GO us some more!!!!

And, now, we have Itch Mites. I actually thought Madaline had chicken pox. She was COVERED with raised red welts/lesions on Wednesday night when I got her out of the tub. I was so furious and frustrated and irritated, that I even tweeted about it. I called her sitter - no exposure - none of the other kids had any sort of skin irritations.

So, off to the Pediatrician we went yesterday morning. And, as I am taking the scenic 45 minute drive there, mourning the loss of more of my vacation time, when I realized that, at least we already had the flu. One less nasty sickness option to catch while we were waiting in disease infested petri dish known as a Ped's waiting room? RIGHT? THAT can really be considered a bright spot? RIGHT?

And, oh boy, do I just kind of wish we had just chicken pox. But, we don't. We have itch mites. You can't seem them, but, boy oh boy, do they make a meal out of your body! And, itch? Holy crap, I haven't seen or needed this much hydrocortisone cream & benadryl cocktails since I was 8 & away at sleep away camp. For all of us. Madaline has them, I have them and the hubby has them. We are one big happy, err, ITCHY family.

It seems they live/grow on Oak trees. And, I was like....we don't have any trees.....and then, it hit me. Like a freakin' freight train!

Two weeks ago Madaline and I went walking up Memory Lane after her nap. After which, I borrowed, err, stole leaves out of the neighbors yard, for my daughter to jump in. We have continually played in this same pile of leaves for two weeks. Yes - we have been dealing with these bite for two weeks. I have checked Morris & Murphy religiously. I have deep cleaned my house, ironed mattress - and yet, they do not go away.

All, well, because we have continued to play in the yard and in the leaves.

Fun times I tell you...Fun times.

So, for a third time the house has been scrubbed from baseboard to ceiling. The beds have been stripped & ironed.

And, in case you are wondering, YES, I have clearly learned my lesson. The leaves have been returned to the neighbors yard. thankyouverymuchindeed


Dolli-Mama said...

Wow, that really sucks! I hope you all stop itching soon!

McVal said...

Wow! The punishment for stealing leaves comes with a price!...
I hope the itchies go away soon!

2 Toddlers and Me said...

Oh man, that sounds awful. I'm glad they figured it out though. Hopefully you'll all be on the road to recovery soon! I've never thought of the things you could pick up from a pile of leaves, until now. I'll be certain we are all a little more cautious.

Mom101 said...

Oh no. What ever happened to the days we could freely jump in leaf piles without worrying about dog pee and icky skin diseases? Did those days really exist?

Hope she's doing better.

And oh mama, I'm so pleased to see the Mother's Day Every Day badge up here. Thank you. You done good.

Karly said...

Dude, I've never even heard of such a thing. Now I'm sure to get them. Dang it!!

Hope you are all itch free soon!