Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Maddy & Daddy Tuesday

My husband sends me a text message every morning when he and Madaline finally get up for the day. My husband works unconventional hours now that he's cooking again - and because he's the bestest husby in the universe that when he has days off that fall on Monday - Friday, he keeps Madaline home with him (because he's a cool dad like that and it helps us save $$ on daycare).

The Husband: Good Morning
Me: Good Morning! You two are up early (I got the text just as I was pulling into the parking lot at work, about 5 minutes after 8)
The Husband: She got us up. And she's in a good mood (Madaline didn't get a NAP yesterday)
Me: That's a good thing.
The Husband: Yeah. We had a conversation from bed to bed. (Our bedrooms share a wall - and our headboard and her crib are on that same wall)
Me: You did?
and then he sent me this: (I cleaned it up a bit to post - as it was sent in one big giant text message)

Maddy: *hollering* Mommy sleeping?
The Husband: She's at work
Maddy: Do Daddy work?
The Husband: No
Maddy: Daddy home all day?
The Husband: Yep - Daddy home all day
Maddy: Can we get up now?
The Husband: Yes Bug, we can get up now
Maddy: Ok Daddy - Can you get me?

Me:Ohhhhh. That is so stinkin cute!
The Husband: Yes it was...