Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hidden Belly Button

*Please picture Madaline is running around the house, in nothing but a diaper*

Me: Maddy...where's your belly button?

Maddy: right heeeeerrrrreeee... *as she point to her tummy*

Maddy: Daddy's beeeelllllyyyy button? *as she has gone over and lifted up his shirt and stuck her finger in his belly button*

Maddy: Mommy...where's your belly button?.

Me: On my tummy...

Maddy:In your tummy? *as she has not lifted up my shirt*

Maddy: Mommy?

Me: yes Maddy..

Maddy: Your belly button hiding?

Me: *I turn about 17 different shades of pink and red* Nooo.......It's right here... *as I life my shirt, shift my body a little differently in the chair and listen to my husband snicker*

*give husband the evil eye that immediately stops the snickering*

: Daddy....Mommy's belly button hidin'

*Madaline now starts to giggle*

Maddy: Mommy yooouuuurrr beeellllyyy buuutttonn hidin'!

Me: Maddy, I think it's time for bed

Perhaps I should take the hit and cut back on the carbs???????


McVal said...

LOL! I've gotten rude wake up calls like that from my kids too. Gotta start walking!

Amanda said...

Adorable! It just keeps on coming.