Monday, August 3, 2009

Definition of Bedtime - Wikipedia vs. Mom

Bedtime: According to Wikipedia - "Bedtime is a parenting tradition in the West that involves, to a greater or lesser extent, rituals made to help children feel more secure, and become accustomed to a comparatively more rigid schedule of sleep than they would quite often prefer. It may involve stories, songs, nursery rhymes, and/or methods of coaxing the children into changing into their pajamas. Children refusing to go to bed, or unwilling to go to bed, is a common problem"

Bedtime: According to the Mayhem Mama:
"Ok...Max & Ruby is over, time for bed - Let's go" **clock reads 8:50pm**

"Where's bear?" **clock reads 8:53**

"Madaline, where did you hide bear?" *8:55**

"Madaline, if you don't find that bear in 30 seconds, you WILL be going to be without her" **8:56pm**

"Maddy, honey, We need to get upstairs to bed" **clock reads 8:57pm**

"Madaline LETS GO!" **clock reads 9:03pm**

"MADALINE ELIZABETH...NOW!" **exasperated sigh as I am standing by the stairs, clock read 9:04**

"No - Big girls sleep in their own beds, not Mommy and Daddy's bed" **finally up the stairs and Madaline has burrowed under the covers in mommy & daddy's bed**

"No - Daddy not sleeping - Daddy working" **standing in hallway, gently shoving this awful, err, angle child towards bed**

(Madaline's standing on end of crib)
"Put bear in your bed please" **for the love of all that is Holy....**

(Madaline is now standing on box filled with outgrown clothing stored at end of crib)
"Put bear in your bed, or I am going to do it for you" **coffee or or wine....defiantly wine!**

"Did you want hugs and kisses?" **finally in crib**

(Madaline is jumping up and down in crib)
"Did you want night night kisses?" **sigh**

(Madaline is still jumping up and down in crib)
"I am going to ask you one more time - do you want me to tuck you in?" **another sigh**

"Good night Madaline" **as I am walking down the hall - child begging me to come back**

"Good NIGHT Madaline, Mommy love you" **can't ignore the sweet little voice chanting 'tuck me in mommy, tuck me in"**

"GOOD NIGHT MADALINE - Mommy & Daddy love you"
**just before I click hall light off, at the bottom of the stairs, after 7 hug and kiss session, three times tucking her in, and five times telling her that bed bugs don't bite and the**

** clock reads 9:15pm**


McVal said...

Awe! Things like that make you want to go snuggle with her a little longer!
My Meri will drag on and when I'm trying to leave the room, begs for a story of my childhood. Mostly about when I did something bad... Why is that?! Maybe to justify her behavior, I don't know. We pray and then I tuck her in, then either tell her a story or read a chapter out of Ramona book series. Lately I've been exhausted, so she's let me beg off a little. I think she's growing up.

Aimee said...

I think your definition is more accurate!

Trudy said...

Yeah, I think you should submit that to Wikipedia as an alternate, and far more realistic, definition!

Connie Weiss said...

OH YES! We go through this every night X2. ANd each kid has four stuffed animals and pacifiers that must be accounted for.

Wine...definitely wine.

Aubrey said...

OMG! You hit the nail on the head! LOL