Monday, June 8, 2009

Pot Holder....ON FIRE!

Husband started his new job this afternoon. He's cookin' for a livin' again. No shame in that. It pays for the sitter, keeps the fridge stocked and puts a little extra money in our pockets. Not quite enough to support my shoe/handbag habit full time, but, well, we have have grapes and apples and bananas to eat, and that makes Madaline happy. So, well, who cares.

Tonight was my first night home ALONE with the Mayhem Maker. When he worked for a satellite company, we were often home on our own in the evening. No big deal. We got used to it. He used to even travel out of town a full week at a time, when he worked for said staellite company. We got used to it. We were even good at it. Granted I wanted to curl up in the corner of a padded room, humming show tunes to myself, while donning a straight jacket, by the end of the week. But, we got through it.

Until tonight. On a ratings scale of 1 to 10, I was about a 2 tonigh. And, I am being generous with myself. I had a HELLish day at work - which left me with very little patience tonight. Maddy being almost two - she is an EXPERT at button pushing. So, since this was out first night getting back into the swing of things, I figured we would have something simple for dinner - homemade pizza and while that was cooking, I would boil off a dozen eggs to make egg salad for lunches. It was all falling into place perfectly! Pizza had just come out of the oven and I was trying to get it cut into the squares.

Then I noticed this stench. Not a smell. Not a wiff. A Stench! Yep - a stench. It smelled like a wet sock that has been hidden in a dark damp corner for thirty years. A Stench. My lovely, green, had them for years, quilted, over priced slide your hand into it pot holder was ON FIRE! FLAME ON! Madaline, who was sitting on the counter at the time, pointed at the pretty orange flames on my lovely potholder, and giggled and said "Mommy, Funny!". Um, no. Not. Really. I dumped it in the sink and doused it with water. All the time, LMM is chanting "Funny, Funny, Funny" (yes, we are ST grads, and we still have limited speech capabilities in this house).

OH well. It's just a pot holder. Hopefully the stench will be gone by the morning.


Molly Louise said...

You just made my morning, sister dear.

Rachel said...

Uh oh! Was the pizza good, at least? ;)

Hope night 2 goes better for you!