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7/24/2008 Duh! took you this long to put 2 and 2 together?

Um yeah - I feel like a doofus. Bare with me...this is gonna be a long one...

I do need to re-wind for a minute. When Madaline saw her GI for the first time back in Sept. 07, he put on on Prevacid and switch her to a Milk based, LACTOSE FREE, rice starched thickened formula.

Fast forward to, oh, lets say three or four months ago. Dh and I had a rough spot $$$ wise, and I made the executive decision to wean Madaline off the formula her GI put her on, since it only came in RTF, and it was killing us money wise. So, I slowly over the course of three weeks, pulled her off that one, and put her on Enfamil AR Lipil. In addition to all this, this was also about the same time that Madaline decided that she didn't want to eat baby food. In my frantic, haried, first time mama way, I know found myself wondering if my kid was getting enough nutrients - she only took in about 15 - 18 ounces of formula a day, her solids intake was awful, and shortly there after, she was tested for allergies and treated for a raging sinus infection. So, in a moment of weakness, in dealing with my own mom, who was yappin' at me about Madaline over all food/formula intake, she was pushing me to give Madaline regular "milk", I caved. So, we started the sippy of regular 2% milk with breakfast and dinner (it was all we had in the fridge). Also factor in, she was eating yogurt at breakfast, she was/is eating such things as cheese, pudding, smashed taters, and ice cream.

We were doing ok - we had nasty, nasty, nasty BM's - so bad, that even I had a hard time changing her diaper. And, her a$$ gas - OMG - it could rival a full grown man. It's pretty bad when you 9 month old passes gas in the kitchen, you can hear it in the dining room, and/or you blame your dh for the stench, when it fact it is your dd. Also, we could throw in the occasion straining - she would squat down, get beet red in the face, and little tears would bead up at the corner of her eyes. Not to mention, the screaming - Madaline has ALWAYS been a screamer, but, never like the banshee she was been these past three months or so. ANd, I did spare all of you the nightmare we experienced after my dear mom twisted my arm about how if I was going to give her milk it should be whole milk, not 2%. That went over like a lead balllon - and we have since REMOVED the liquid from of milk from her diet, with the exception of her formula.

So - here I am today and after an interesting conversation with the sitter, and some newly learned info from the world wide web - I have realized, I am an idiot.

1 - I do not tolerate dairy well at all. I tend to avoid things that are blatantly dairy laden. With the exception of ice cream and my coffee creamer. I pay dearly when I eat ice cream, but, well, I am an adult and it is about making a choice. I love ice cream, and hence I just deal with what it does to my GI tract. I couldn't even drink milk as a child, and I don't as an adult. As a child, I had to drink goats milk. *duh *

2 - I found myself studyin' the formula container this morning and realize that I have been making Madaline drink a formula, that is NOT LACTOSE free. The one our GI put us on, was milk based, LACTOSE FREE. Perhaps this is why we have been dealing with regurgitated cottage cheese like reflux pukes, everyday, since we have been on this formula full time (and here I though it was the teething...). *double duh*

3 - I found myself wondering why she would have been able to tolerate the yogurt so well, but, been so miserable with such things as cheese, pudding, taters smashed with milk/butter. In my internet search, I learned that children with a lactose intolerance, can usually enjoy yogurt, but have issues digesting such things as cheese, milk, smashed taters, & mac/cheese. Mainly because of the size of the proteins and the amount she is ingesting in one sitting. The amount of yogurt she eats at breakfast is minimal, but she would eat something like mac/cheese as the main staple for lunch or dinner. *duh, duh, duh*

4 - All this time, her irritability could have been from the dairy laden foods she was eating, and not necessarily her teething. So, perhaps I could have prevented this just a bit? *I really am a duh...idiot*

As a result, starting today....with the exception of her formula, we are going to reduce/eliminate things that are overtly dairy from her diet. No more milk (whole and/or 2% in a sippy), no more pudding, no more cheese, I am sure you get the picture. We hope in doing this, we can get a better handle on her screaming - because now me is starting to think, the screaming is is some way tied to belly/gas pain, from to much milk/lactose.

IDK - am I over thinking this? Making a mountain out of a molehill? Think I am off base?

I will let you know how we make out.

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