Thursday, April 23, 2009

7/20/2008 Banshee the Grump

She is just rotten today - miserable, mean, nasty, screaming, miserable, mean, nasty, and just a banshee in full force today.

She slept just over an hour this morning - and by 10:45 (she's been up a 1/2 hour), she was full on, just out of control. I tired to take her upstairs to our room, where it is cool, to see if I could get her to lay in the bed and watch Noggin. Nope....100% no go....totally meltdown - holding her breath, and screaming and the tears and the flailing of her, I bring her back downstairs.

She wailed like a wounded dog the entire time I was making her a piece of toast....and she nibbled on toast, ate an entire container of applesauce and turned her nose up at some oranges - her fav. I dosed her with motrin, and shortly there after she was doing her, I am looking for a place to nest I took her up to put her in her crib. She is relatively content...and now is screaming full on. She is tired, over tired to be more like it, I don't think she feels good, and I most definitely think that more teeth are coming in....

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