Thursday, April 23, 2009

6/24/2008 Delayed? or Getting Ahead of Myself?

Madaline doesn't really verbally communicate. That is, aside from all the screaming she does. Actually, screaming is really her only true and real form of communication. She has never really made all those babbely baby sounds, and while she did say "Da-Da" for a while, and she does do this really spitty sounding thing - "Gee", and she only does it when one of the cats are around, so we have learned to associate the spitting GEE with Kitty. When the stars are aligned properly in the sky, she might squeak out a "mum".

She has been hitting all her other developmental milestones - she's growing on her own curve, she's walking, she crawls, she self feeds, sleep through the night - but, she's doesn't really talk or babble. Once in a blue moon she will giggle - lots of smiles, but not a whole lot of laughing or chatter.

We talk to her ALL the time - we read every night before bed, my mom usually reads her a story of two when they get home together from the sitter. I am wondering if I should be concerned - or am I getting ahead of myself?

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