Thursday, April 23, 2009

6/07/2008 Return of the "Madaline - The Screaming Banshee"

Ok - if I am going to be home all weekend, in this sweltering heat (the temps have jumped to the 90's here - "warm" is typically 70 - 80), with my little banshee, I think dh will need to take me to the local mental center, as, I will most certainly be found cowering in a corner, in need of a straight jacket, while I sing show tunes and rock back and forth.

Madaline got up this morning - seemed fine - I was trying to get the dishwasher loaded, and a few things done for the day (so we could be outside or go some place with air conditioning), and next thing I know - out of nowhere, the screaming started. No reason what so ever - so long and so bad in fact, that my mom called (this live across the road), because she heard Madaline screaming and wanted to know if she was ok. I kid you not - this literally went on for at least 15 minutes - the screaming. It did not stop, until I had stripped her all the way down to nothing but her diaper.

Which, bring me to the next issue - clothing, socks and/or shoes, are a complete nightmare. And, I don't know if it is luck, talent, or a new skill, but she is learning how to at least, get her shorts or skirt off. I can leave a room, come back and she will have them off. And she has ZERO patience for anything - if she can't get the door open on the monkey hut - she throws it - if she can't get the pages to filp in a book - she throws it - if her drink isn't coming out of her sippy fast enough - she throws it. The newest, is that she is pulling her own hair (and mine too) and pinching herself (I really don't want her nakey mainly because of this).

I am beside myself - it's too hot here, she can't run around in just a diaper (well, she could, but, well, she has all these really cute sun dresses) - and I don't know how much more my ear drums or my new neighbors - who by the way have already ask my husband if there is something "wrong" with our kid, because she screams all the time and none of their three kids did this.

I mean, really, something has got to give - it was cute for a while, but the cuteness has most certainly worn off.

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