Thursday, April 23, 2009

5/31/2008 The cats eat more than my kid.....

Madaline went on a baby food strike - if she could not do it herself, then she wanted not part of it. I thought - fine - no problem - hard for me, but we would make the adjustment. And, we did.

But, the last few days, her eating has taken a turn downwards. We are down overall with formula consumption and she picks at her food like a bird. And, to make matters worse, I am not sure she is digesting her food, since most of it is coming out whole or partially whole in her diaper - everything she eats (it is no longer just the peas or other fibrous things). I am getting fewer and fewer, really soaked diapers and she really seems to not be interested in eating.

I offer plenty of variety - and things that I know she 9 out of 10 times will eat, she is not interested in - toast, pancakes, crackers, just plain bread (yes - she's a carb junkie).

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