Thursday, April 23, 2009

5/13/2008 Fall, Bang, Blood and a Fever to Boot!

Where to start....but the last two days have had enough eventfulness in them to last me this week as well as next.

Madaline is a busy little girl - too busy for her own good sometimes. Sunday afternoon - she's having snack in the living room - she's cruising around like a champ and is pulling herself up on what even will say put long enough to hold her. - so she is munching on a cookie (animal cracker, got her sippy in one hand, and is thinking about how she's gonna pick up her nuk all at the same time. I got up to put the animal crackers back in the kitchen - and dh was telling her to do one thing at a time. IN the 30 seconds that I was gone - She lost her balance (which was nearly non-existent to begin with since she woke up congested) fell, knocked her chin on the end table and let out the most blood curdeling scream I have heard in a lllloooonnnnggg time. When I got back to the living room, dh had her on his lap - and as he turned her towards me - her lips, her chin and the front of her was just covered in blood. When she smacked her chin she drove her two bottom teeth up into her upper gum line - cutting it open - and of course, considering it's a gum line - it was gonna bleed like no tomorrow. It took us 15 - 20 minutes to calm her down, a phone call to my aunt who is a nurse (who, BTW - instantly heard Madaline screaming in the back ground and without me saying anything said "I'm on my way"), and this morning I looked in there - and while it is a bit red and puffy - I don't think there is going to be any damage.

Then Sunday night into yesterday morning - our fun started at 2am - she would just scream. Then fall asleep - and then scream, and fall asleep. She screamed NON-STOP from 3:30 till I finally had enough and dragged myself out of bed at about 4:15AM. She drank a bottle, and fitfully went back to sleep. I put her back in bed. decided instead of going back to bed - I just got ready for work - so that I would not have to try and do that when she did decide to get up, thinking she was gonna be a handful. She slept till about 5:30, I brought her downstairs, and we sat on the couch together, for the next hour or more. Madaline NEVER sits still, let alone on my lap (she was not even a cuddle bug as an infant) unless she is sleeping. Also - she was needing her hands together - this is a "new" habit that she has started when she is sleepy, around people she doesn't know well and now, when she's not feeling well. At which point I made the decision to stay home with her. She got rather toasty as the morning went on, so I dosed her with Motrin - she took just shy of a 3.5 hour nap most of the morning, and by the end of the afternoon/early evening - she was finally interested in getting down to play with her toys. She has a horrible bugger nose and a bit of a cough - at this point, I don't know if it is allergies (we see the allergist for the first time on Thursday) or if it is because we had her outside all day on Saturday and it was warm, but breezy.

She is home today with her Daddy (Maddy & Daddy Tuesday), and she woke up in a much much much better mood this morning. And dh just sent me a text - and they having a great day so far. Hopefully, this runs it course, and the rest of the week, can be uneventful.

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