Thursday, April 23, 2009

4/22/2008 Were off.....

to see the allergist. **did you all think we were off to see the great and powerful Oz?**
Debbie and Deanna hit the nail on the head with that one.

We only had to get two shots today and her big toe pricked to check her iron levels. That was fun. I will withhold my comments/thoughts on the nurse - but lets just say, I thought I was going to have blood all over my linin pants before it was all said and done.

MY ped applauded me for being so ambitious in regards to the different variety of food I am feeding Madaline. She says that a lot of times, parents tend to be hesitant, but she was please to hear that I offer such a variety. I thought all parent's did that....She also said that if I wanted to, we could start feeding grapes, blueberries, and hotdogs (as long as they were cut really small), and that I needed to start moving her towards table food. Oh - and we are adding in vitamins. Because her eating is so hit and miss, she is concerned she is not getting 100% of what she needs.

Our ped is concerned that she has been as sick as she has been, as long as she has been. Of course, I gave her an earful on how I was disappointed, and that I felt as if the last two times I had been there I had simply been patted on the head and sent on my way. She apologized for the bedside manner of her colleagues and said that if that ever happens again, to make her immediately aware of it. Make me wonder if they are having some "issues" with other docs in the practice. She says that since Madaline eye/nose area is so puffy, she was a total snot faucet, seems just out of sorts in general, has never been able to tolerate cereal (rice, oatmeal,barely), and has a cough, she wants us to be evaluated by the a ped allergist. So, we see him on May 15th. I have to call our GI and see if he want to see her before she goes to the allergist or just wants to wait until we are scheduled on May 28th. I have some research to do and I am sure I will have lots of questions - so I am hoping some of my fellow IRD mama's can give me some pointers (Katey....hint hint....please....) - but I will post in the allergy forum later about that.

The other cool thing - we got another board book today from the doctor. Last time I thought it was just a fluke. But, I learned that they now hand out age appropriate books at each well child appt. And, since Madaline loves to be read to, it did keep her occupied for quite some time while I was chatting with the doc. to see the allergist, the GI and adding Vitamins...OH MY!!!

**I hope the yellow brick toll is cheap - cause the co-pays are killin' me**

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