Thursday, April 23, 2009

4/16/2008 I'm Sorry Mrs. Bryerton.....PART 2

I will do my best to keep both my temper and my emotions in check on this. I am trying really really really really hard to be rational and calm.

When I FINALLY spoke to the nurse, I clearly stated, I did not want to come in, only if I was going to be patted on the head, told that my kid has a commom cold, AGAIN, and sent on my merry little way. The nurse assured me, given the length of time, that most certainly, we would be given a course of action.

Good thing I am not a betting person. A co-pay, two more hours in the hole on my PTO at work, all to be told -

Me: "hmmm....ok - but that was what I was told almost a month ago, and she has been ill about 1.5 weeks prior to me making that phone call. We are pushing a month and a half almost two months of her being sick"
Dr: "her ears are clear and I do not hear anything in her chest"
Me:"what about the fact that her food intake is decreasing significantly, and she has lost two pounds"
Dr: "Madaline seems to be a very active baby - and a baby will NOT starve itself - she will eat when she is hungry"
Me: "Excuse me?"
Dr: " Yes, your child will not starve herself. She will eat when she is hungry."

*these are the doctors exact words - I could not have made this up if I tried*
Me: "We are seeing Dr. L at BF Peds - he is treating Madaline for GERD"
Dr: "hmmm...."
Me: *I give him the mommy look*
Dr: "still, she has a common cold, and all I can recommend is that you continue to do what you are doing. It is possible that is viral, in which, it would cost your insurance upwards of $400 to test for, which we usually don't do anyway and 3 -4 weeks to get back, but still, we most likely would NOT prescribe anything - either way. Antibiotics, having both good and bad effects, I do not see how they are really necessary right now. I don't have any symptoms to treat - and we don't like to prescribe antibiotics, just to prescribe antibiotics, particularly when kids are so young, but in Madaline's case, when they are so little as well."

*this was pretty much the end of our appt - at least, I made it clear we were done*

1 - the man is lucky to be alive
2 - first thing in the morning I am calling Dr. Lambert. 2 pounds, in this length of time, if just too much for me mentally at this time.
3 - the man is lucky to be alive.

Please keep in mind, I had to see who was available at our practice, since this was a "last minute" appt. I want to make it clear, that our normal ped, at this practice, is not this ignorant, neither is our assigned NP. Overall, besides these last two times, and these last two fruitcakes, I am usually very pleases with this practice.

What kills me is that I have no time line for how long I am supposed to let this go on. I just don't know - and that is more nerve racking than knowing. KWIM?

IN the meantime, my kid consumed another whopping 17 ounces of formula today, a couple of tablespoons of food, and a half a palm full of puffs. Her face is still all swollen and puffy (I am assuming from some sort of sinus pressure), and she now turns her head, when you try to give her kisses on the cheek. This I find incredibly heartbreaking, because she was starting to give kisses finally - in her own way, but, still, you would say "Maddy Kisses" and she would lean in. She screamed her way through a bath, which she usually loves, and then just laid on the floor in the living room for 20 minutes afterward. Put up NO fight getting her jammies on and NO fight about be put to bed. And, well, that is were I am headed - in case tonight is as bad as last night.

Thanks so much everyone - for thinking of us - for everything.

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