Thursday, April 23, 2009

4/11/2008 Here we go again.....

Goodness......I realize that we have not been hit hard as some with sickness this winter - but, last time I check, it was SPRING and sooo....where is this coming from?

Madaline is all out refusing to eat in any sort of quanity, having nasty coughing fits that at time have lead to puking episodes, and a snot facuet instead of a nose. Her face is sooo stinky puffy and swelled, I can only assume it is from sinus pressure. She acts like her whole body aches and she wants to be held constantly. SO unlike my usually active screaming banshee - I sat with her on the couch last night, with her nestled in my arms for 45 mintues - I have never had the pleasure of that. And, instead of enjoying it, I felt guilty because I knew that she really had to feel awful, to sit that long and that still on my lap. However, I am counting my blessings, as she is still sleeping through the night - so, we are still not a all out diaster mode yet.

I does me no good to call the doctor, since last time I did that, I lost a 1/2 day worth of vacation time only to be told that Madaline has nothing more than a common cold and there nothing we can do for her. And, since these are the same symptoms we had last time, I am sure we would only be told the same thing.
So, needless to say, we are back to vapor baths, baby vixs, running a humidifier, and motrin. Top it off - I think that toofer #2 is trying to come in.

All I can say, is that it looks like we are in for a "fun-filled" snot covered weekend.

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