Thursday, April 23, 2009

3/17/2008 My little escape artisit...

Maddy Bugs is now crawling - in full force.

Just this past weekend....she learned that she can "escape" from the living room, to the dining room, to the kitchen and eventually to the bathroom (We have a fairly open floor plan in the downstairs). Maddy will stop at the doorway to each room, sit herself up, and "look" to see if the "warden" (either dh or myself) is on the lookout for the escape. If she feels the coast is clear, or thinks that no one is paying any attention to her, she will squel/giggle, return to all fours, move her little legs back and forth (in place - kind of like she is *reving her engine*), and then take off. This is quickly becoming a fun game for her and a tiring one for us!!!

We have also been working with her on "arms up" for us to pick her up, off, or out of something. IF she is getting to far out of bounds, and she is sitting, we will say, "arms up" - and she will stick her arms up, and just as you bend to pick her up, she will take off like she is attached to a rocket.

For someone so little and such short pudgy legs....she sure is quick!!

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