Thursday, April 23, 2009

2/25/2008 Growing Nicely to having anxiety?

I took my screaming banshee to the GI this morning. Again, I think I would have rather stuck hot pokers into the fleshy part between my toes. Either way - beside the ear shattering screaching we had a quasi productive appointment.

Madaline is "Growing Nicely", according to the GI. Tons of Fun is chunkin' in at 17 lbs. - she is up two pounds from when we were there right before Christmas. He is very please with her growth.

It appears to him that he thinks that the non-stop screaming is a mixture of teething (no...really I hadn't noticed) and *hold your beath* Seperation Anxiety. MY kid, that spends the bulk of her day at a sitters, seems to be suffering from "Seperation Anxiety"? This makes no sense to me....I would think we would have done everything right in order to prevent this, by always having her be around different people that she knew. Dont' know...

Ok...yep....Dr. - that's you final answer to the banshee screaming? Yes - Final Answer....

He did not seem to offer any suggestinos as to how to combat this....

Additionally, we are to consider adding Miralax(?) to her bottles - perhaps one or two of them per day, to aid in soften up the nuggest that she has been filling her diaper with lately. Also - he wants to me at least consider a wean...yep - a wean - but, he want me to wait a month to see if this blasted tooth that she has been working on since November decides to pop thru.

In summary - I have a teething, nugget pooping, separated anxious 7 month old.... - It can only get better from here.....right?

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