Thursday, April 23, 2009

2/20/2008 "Gee....Gee"

Madaline has started babbling enough, and started to use certain syllable sounding sounds (KWIM?) around certain things, that we **think** this might be the beginning of her first words.

Yesterday, while home for Daddy & Maddy Tuesday, according to Daddy, when she was not screaming like a banshee, Maddy would sometime go "da...da". She is very reserved with this phrase, as I usually get it only in the early morning or while during bath time. She did say it a cople of times this morning. The last week of so, when one of the cats walks into the room, she will go “gee…gee”. So, we have learned that this must mean "kitty". And, a couple of time last week, when I got home from work, my mom greets me at the door with Madaline, she said “hi” (or what sounded like “hi”).

As long as she does not start to repeat the abundance of "potty mouth" words that have been abudent in my house the last few days...we will be good to go.

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