Thursday, April 23, 2009

12/30/2007 Scary Mama Moment!

I have to admit....this has to have been the scarriest 5 minutes of my life, or at least the scariest since I have become a mom.

Maddy has not screamed during her bath in months...but I figured it was late, and she was probably not only tired, but hungry. She actually got to sceaming so bad, that I just picked her up out of the tub, didn't bother wraping her in a towel, in hopes of calming her down. Nothing worked - we wresteled a onesie on her, thinking that after I fed her, than we would worry about jammies. SO, I started to give her a bottle and she was screaming, and then she would choke - and for some reason I looked down - she was only in a onesie and her toes on her left foot, were the size of cocktail wenies, and WHITE! Something was cutting off the circualtion to her toes. The instant I touched her foot she went into all out 5 month old baby hysterics.
A very small, fine, piece of thread had become tightly wrapped around her toes, and had been cutting off the circulation to her "pigets". Now I am screaming, DH comes running, and Maddy is going nuts - all the time I am trying to make him understand what is going on. Thank goodness we have lived together as long as we have, and were able to communicate in a way that I am sure that no outside person would have ever been able to understand. I realized my 5 month old crys tears now , we finally, after what seemed like an eternity, got this thin piece of thread - that was almost like fishing line, unwrapped from her toes.

I didn't think we were ever going to get her to calm down. But she did finally, and her toes have returned to thier normal size, but Maddy is still real hesitate to have you touch her foot.

But, the more I think about it - this was just a piece of thread - what are we going to be like the first time she falls and cuts herself? The certainly didn't perpare or teach us that in our pre-birth class....

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