Friday, April 24, 2009

12/20/2008 Send the Sick Cart to the Bryerton's...

I am sick. Dh is working on getting sick & leave tomorrow to work in Albany (he's be home last evening Christmas eve ). And, our resident Banshee - well, she's sick too. My nose is so red and raw and lets not even got there with Madaline. We are drugging her with Tylenol to keep the fever at bay, I spent most of the morning chasing her with a tissue saying "Let mama wipe your buggars" and have been lathering her with vixs at night and running the humidifier.

I just hope that it runs it course by X-mas & that dh doesn't get it too bad since he's going out of town. I hope it passes, as the banshee's sleeping patterns are all fered up! She can't breath, so she doesn't sleep, and just lays in bed and wails like its her job.

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