Thursday, April 23, 2009

12/17/2007 Maddy Puked on Santa read dd....puked on Santa.

My mother convinced me that I should take Miss. Maddy to the local PTA Breakfast with Santa. I was having a horrendous morning (tears and just a bad, bad, bad morning....) so my mom came over, told me to get my Maddy dressed, and myself around, and that we were going to "Breakfast with Santa". So, that is what we did.

Breakfast went well...the food was okay - was a little on the cold side, but it was to benefit a good cause and of course there was a Santa, and for $2.00, you could have your child's picture taken with Santa. So, in line we got. Of course, I had fed Maddy and she had been well burped and vertical for about 30 minutes, so I figured we were good to go, that if she was going to Puke, she would have don it by now. Nope - she was not in Santa's lap for 30 seconds, and up it came....all in the fake beard, and on his suit...and on his boot (it splattered nicely.....I would have given it a ten). Santa seemed to handle it with stride and we even got a decent "First Picture with Santa", for her baby book.

The only downside, was the ignorant lady behind us, that stated very loudly, that If my child was sick and puking I should have kept her home. I politely informed that Lady, that Maddy is not "sick", that she has GERD, and that her little one, could not "catch it", and she has no worries. All I got in return was an very glazed look - I quickly scooped up Maddy, apologized to Santa....and we went on our merry way.

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