Thursday, April 23, 2009

12/10/2007 Maddy's First Snotty Nose!

We have successfully gotten our first snotty nose of the season…..couple that with my reflux peaking Maddy Bug…and what have we got? A non-stop screaming, refluxing, puking, non-pooping, miserable 4 month old!!!

Yep – for some reason snot nose = constipation….and feeding time is miserable because she can’t breath out her nose so that = screaming…..screaming = puking because of all the excess air she is sucking down and because I think we are “peaking” reflux wise.

I even tried getting her to sleep with me last night….but she is just so dang independent that she wanted no part of it… so finally at 1:30 this morning, I laid her in her crib, and she fell asleep about 3 minutes later.

I am going to call the Ped this morning to see if there is anything we can do for her, beside shooting saline up her nose and sucking out the snot **yuck** ! But, I doubt it….does anyone else have any ideas?

The thing I have found that seems to make her the most happy right now, is sitting in her bouncy seat, listening/watching the “Sprout” channel while sucking on a very warm washcloth (I use the warm washcloth as a chisel to get the caked on snot off her face, and then can’t get it away from her, so why fight over a washcloth? KWIM?).

I really hope this is short lived…..and doesn’t move to her ears (us Bilinski girls - me, my mom and my sister, are very prone to ear infections... ) or settle into her chest…

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