Friday, April 24, 2009

12/08/2008 Stumbling, bumbling, Black & Blue Banshee

I was getting Madaline dressed for the day, and realized that she has some black & blue spots on her legs. Her elbows are forearms look someone the same as well. Good thing its winter and shes covered up, or I am sure it would raise a few eyebrows.

The other day at the sitters she lost her balance, and did a face plant into my sitters kitchen table bench. This resulted in a nice scrach on her cheek and somewhat of a black eye. She is constantly tripping over her own feet. This weekend she face planted between one of my living room chairs & the end table as well as into the corner of the stairs at the landing (I have unfisnished oak stairs - and they are solid - trust me, I face planted into them more than once in my childhood - so I know). This seems more than what I would consider "normal" - KWIM? Most of the time, she picks herself up, straightens herself out, and move on. Then the other half of the time, well, she screams like the banshee she is.

My first reaction.....Madaline is a toddler, she runs rather than walks, and is just plain out clumsy.

My second reaction....Madaline needs new shoes?

My third reaction......Madaline has fluid in her ears?

The only other oddity that we have, is she loves, loves, loves, for us to take her shoes and socks off, so she can prance around the house on her tip-toes like a fairy (that is what dh calls it ).


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