Thursday, April 23, 2009

12/06/2007 Dinner Out

We (well, I, with the help of my parent’s) took Maddy to a restaurant for the first time last night. It was in celebrations of my Grandmother’s 82nd birthday – and she since my Aunt and Uncle from Maine were here to visit, someone suggested that we all go to dinner at Red Lobster ( cheddar bay biscuits…. cheddar bay biscuits!!!)

Needless to say, I was a nervous wreck all day – wondering how Maddy would be – would she scream the entire time, would she sit and play in her car seat, how would she act? I just didn’t want to be one of those parent’s who’s screaming child in a restaurant ruins someone else meal…KWIM?

BUT…you know what…she did just fine. She played in her car seat happily during appetizers, sat on my lap during salads and most of my main meal. We did have to do a few laps through the restaurant……out to watch the water in the lobster tank, and into the bathroom to look at the “baby in the mirror”, but for the most part, things were great!

The only downside of the evening was when I had to give Maddy her evening dose of Prevacid. It was funny – I think my hearing has gotten better since I have had a child – but as I was giving her the med., I clearly heard the woman at the table behind me say….”Look at that - I wonder what is wrong with that baby”. What is it with people? Has all common curtsey and common sense no longer exist – do we now live in a time where people are not even going to think before they speak and just blurt out what every they want, regardless of if it is appropriate? Then again, my mother says that I am just becoming over sensitive to things lately, particularly comments made about Madaline. Who knows….

Now….if Maddy could just get better about riding in the car after dark……

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