Friday, April 24, 2009

12/03/2008 Great GOOGLY MOOGLY!

I realized that I never updated after Madaline's 15 month well baby appointment, which was, what seems likes ages ago. At that time, she was finally *drumroll please* over 20 pounds!!! 21 pounds to be exact. Whoo HOO! I was super excited! And, our resident banshee was 32 1/2 inches long.

Since that appointment, we have gone 100% bottle free! No more 'bas'! And, no more formula. I am not sure how I feel about this, as I do find myself leaving sippys with Lactaid all around the house for her, in hopes of getting her to drink. At lease when we were bottle feeding twice a day, I KNEW for sure that she was getting 12 ounces of something. We have good days eating and drinking, but, nothing that is blipping on my mama-dar. KWIM? We have gotten serious about a Prevacid wean finally. We are down from 30mg a day to 15mg, in the evening only. I think we are doing ok with it - but we have a lot of nasty stinking burps and her sleeping hasn't been the greatest lately either. I tried to remove the bumpers from her crib, as I am thinking of transitioing her to a toddler bed when I am on break at Christmas, and, that didn't work so well. I think it was just to much open space for her. I have since put the bumpers back in, and things seem to have goten back to normal, for the most part.

Madaline is still seeking oral sensory input like it is her job. I posted about that last week as well as some of her other behaviours. All of which, are still going strong. One of the guys I work with, his daughter works with pre-school aged children that have a hybrid of disabilities, and she sent me some Chewy Tubes ( Madaline gnaws on them like crazy. And, Madaline recent development of full blown early toddler tantrums. It is just a joy to be in my house some days. NOT!

And, last but not least, next Tuesday, we have our first appointment with the Speech Therapist. It took a lot of leg work on my part - as I was getting a lot of run around from the local agency that corrdinates therpay. I finally begged for the therpaist phone number and reached out to her directly. Apparently, Madaline and her file were part of what I will call the "paper work shuffle" and no one wanted to take responsibility. Our ST got the paperwork snafu all figured out and we set up the first appointment for next week's Daddy & Maddy tuesday. This worked out great, so that neither one of us has to take time off from work. Which is a plus - given the amount of work I have right now, and dh is trying to take as many extra installation jobs as possible. As we are starting this new leg of what has been almost a 4 month process of getting started, I am so glad that I followed my instincts on that one and for those of you that told me to follow my instincts on this!

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