Friday, April 24, 2009

11/19/2008 I went "Deck-Step Surfing" this morning....

Yep - a little earlier than usual this year for my annual 'Heather Falls off the Deck Steps' event.

We have about 2 1/2 inches of snow, and while my husband felt the need to create me a "path of death" (if you scrap all the snow off the deck, it becomes as slick as a sheet of ice) from the back door to the steps, he didn't think it was necessary to clean off the steps. I managed to navigate the slick path on the deck, but, felt that it was necessary to use my back as opposed to my feet to get down the steps.

What makes this even more of a talent, is that I had Madaline in one arm and my coffee in another hand. I am beaming with pride to say that I didn't drop Madaline nor my coffee. Madaline only got snow on her shoes when I set her down so that I could stand up.

Best part - My dad was on out cleaning off my mom's car, and shouted across the road "What are you doing on the ground" to which I so sweetly replied "I am showing Madaline how to inspect snow".

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